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Finance – 419 Scrap #29

Principles of Managerial Finance, by Lawrence J. Gitman. Published by Addison Wesley. Copyright © 2006 by Pearson Education, Inc.

Individual Assignment 1: Assignments from the Readings • Resource: Principles of Managerial Finance • Prepare responses to the following problems from the text: o Problems P5-3, P5-4, and P5-13 (Ch. 5) o Problem P10-4 (Ch. 10) P5–3 Risk preferences Sharon Smith, the financial manager for Barnett Corporation, wishes to evaluate three prospective investments: X, Y, and Z. Currently, the firm earns 12% on its investments, which have a risk index of
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Individual Assignment 2: Assignments from the Readings: Text Case Study • Resource: Principles of Managerial Finance • Read the Assessing the Goal of Sports Products, Inc. case study in Ch. 1 of Principles of Managerial Finance. • Write a 700 to 1,050 word paper in which you respond to the questions at the end of the case study. Address the questions in the order as they are presented, and use section headings. • Format your paper according to APA standards

Chapter 1 Case: Assessing the Goal of Sports Products, Inc.
Loren Seguara and Dale Johnson both work for Sports Products, Inc., a major producer of boating equipment and accessories. Loren works as a clerical assistant in the Accounting Department, and Dale works as a packager in the Shipping Department. During their lunch break one day, they began talking about the company. Dale complained that he had always worked hard trying not to waste packing materials and efficiently and cost-effectively performing his job. In spite of his efforts and those of his co-workers in the department, the firm’s stock price had declined nearly $2 per share over the past 9 months. Loren indicated that she shared Dale’s frustration, particularly because the firm’s profits had been rising. Neither could understand why the firm’s stock price was falling as profits rose. Loren indicated that she had seen documents describing the firm’s profit-sharing plan under which all
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