Chiropractor Essay

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Many people visit a chiropractor when they have pain in their back or neck, or have been referred by their doctor for help after a sports injury or automobile accident. However, there are many more reasons to see a chiropractor for good, overall health.

Here are eight good reasons to see a chiropractor:

Pain relief is the most common reason, and it may not only be back pain. Headaches and migraines may occur because of pressure on nerves. When a chiropractor performs adjustments to remove this pressure, your body functions better. As a result, your headache may dissipate or completely disappear. If you have chronic headaches, chiropractic care is a good place to start treatment.

• Numbness or tingling in an extremity is another example
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Along with back pain relief, they also get relief from circulation problems and heartburn. Research shows that many women who regularly see a chiropractor during pregnancy have less painful and shorter deliveries.

• Other women’s issues that benefit from chiropractic care are menstrual problems and infertility. Not only is menstrual pain reduced, but also cycles may become normalized. Older women have also found relief from menopausal symptoms. This is one reason that 80 percent of chiropractic patients are women.

• Chiropractic care is also effective for allergies and other respiratory and sinus issues. Your immune system relies on your central nervous system to fight off infections that may be caused by allergens. Since chiropractic care helps maintain the flow of communication from the central nervous system to the rest of the body, chiropractic patients often have reduced symptoms from seasonal allergies and don’t require over the counter medicines.

• Children benefit from chiropractic adjustment to their central nervous system. While chiropractic does not diagnose or treat ear infections, asthma, colic, acid reflux, ADHD or ADD, it has had a positive impact on these conditions because it helps remove interferences in the central nervous system allowing the body to function
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