Chiune Sugihara

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Chiune Sugihara created a way to freedom for many Jewish refugees. Even though Chiune saved thousands of Jews, his personal life suffered greatly. He was not able to return to Japan right away, so he traveled through Berlin, Prague, Konigsberg, and Bucharest. While in Europe, they were captured by the Russians because of their suspicious demeanor and were sent to internment camps for over 18 months(Kaleem). Sugihara and his family had to survive in harsh conditions for being who they were and where they were, but no matter what, they kept their mouths shut about what they had done for the Jews. They had no idea if their effort had helped anyone, but Sugihara still wanted to stay quiet about it, for fear of harming the Jews traveling to Japan.…show more content…
When people ask Sugihara why he did what he did, he simply says ¨They were people, but also they needed help¨(Green). Sugihara was a fair man who never treated anyone differently based on their nationality or culture. There are now more than 50,000 descendants of the Jewish people he saved and who owe their lives to Sugihara’s visas(Chen). When Sugihara passed away it brought people from around the world together to commemorate his death. He was appreciated more than he was told he was because so many of the people he saved were not able to thank him. Sugihara never tried to do what he thought everyone else wanted because he followed what he thought was the right thing to do. Confronted with the horrific Holocaust stories of anti-semitism, Chiune Sugihara was troubled if he should intervene. Chiune took a stand by going against his government's wishes because he felt it was unfair to the Jews. He was unsure at first whether to stand up, but he decided it was the right decision to make. Sugihara was brave enough to hand out illegal visas without an ounce of regret in his body because he knew exactly what he was doing. Because of his work, Sugihara saved thousands of Jews by letting them travel to
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