Chivalry Essay

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Literally, chivalry means, “The sum of the ideal qualifications of a knight, including courtesy, generosity, valor, and dexterity in arms (Random). Chivalry is most known from the middle ages; the time of the knights and kings. There was even something known as the knight’s code of chivalry. All knights were to sympathize with the elderly and the orphans, never accept a reward, always fight to help others, always obey authority, protect their fellow knights’ honor, compete against unfairness, always keep faith, never lie or deceive anyone, respect women, and never refuse a challenge (Knights). The knights of the middle ages lived by 12 points which were faith, charity, justice, sagacity, prudence, temperance, resolution, truth,…show more content…
Leonidas meets a hunchbacked Spartan named Ephialtes who wants to fight with the Spartan army to redeem his family’s honor. Even though Leonidas feels sorry for Ephialtes, he does not let him join the army because he cannot hold a shield, which could cause the Spartan formation to be ruined, and many warriors to be killed or injured (Gordon). At the first battle, the Persians order the Spartans to concede, and Leonidas refuses. The Spartans do all that they can to hold of the Persian army and Xerxes offers Leonidas riches if he surrenders, and he declines (Gordon). Dilios, who lost his left eye during the battle, still wants to fight but Leonidas sends him back to Sparta to protect him (Gordon). Leonidas being much like the knights of king Arthur’s time is protecting his fellow Spartans even if it could cause him trouble. Dilios does not want to leave his brothers, but he follows his orders. The Persians surround the Spartans and once again ask them to surrender while bribing Leonidas with Prestige. Leonidas again declines (Gordon). The Spartans are then completely wiped out by a ton of arrows and as Leonidas dies he expresses his love for the queen of Sparta, Gorgo. The Spartans bravery pays off because later on the city-states unite and take down Persia in the name of Leonidas (Gordon). Throughout 300 there are many acts of bravery, loyalty, and chivalry. The Spartans are loyal
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