Chivalry is the code of conduct on which someone, in particularly the Knights, acts on honor,

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Chivalry is the code of conduct on which someone, in particularly the Knights, acts on honor, courage, and to protect the Queen and all women. I’m sure that we all know someone who acts on this basis and strives to make it so he gets it to where everyone else does. In today’s world we don’t call it chivalry, instead its called rules and laws, laws that keep us in line so we don’t get out of control and accidentally do something that we shouldn’t have done. I know in wrestling and every other sport we have these special rules that go for everyone on the team, we can’t do anything that will become an issue with our training. It’s kind of like in every where that we have regulations, no smoking, no drugs, no this or that, but sometimes those…show more content…
Even though Sir Gawain could easily get away with not going to get his head chopped off he goes anyways. “The following November, Sir Gawain sets out to fulfill his promise to the Green Knight. For weeks, he travels alone through the cold, threatening woods of North Wales....The next day, Gawain sets out for the Green Chapel. His guide urges him not to proceed, but Gawain feels that it would be dishonorable not to fulfill his pledge.” (page 178 top of the page) I do believe the term, the hero gets the women came from Sir Gawain in Morte D’Arthur because he fought to protect the women. “‘Sir’ said Sir Gawain ‘ all these be ladies for whom I have foughten for when I was man living. And all these are those that I did battle for in righteous quarrels, and God hath given them that grace, at their great prayer, because I did battle for them for their right, that they should bring me hither unto you...’”(page 186 second paragraph) He is saying that he fought to protect the women of the valley and want to keep them safe by staying with them, I think he is a little well I can’t say it on paper, but he is a ladies type of man. Fortunately for Sir Gawain he is still acting on the code of chivalry by serving and protecting the women of the valley, lucky guy. In a way you could say we all have to follow this same code of Chivalry that the knights did way back in the Medieval days had to. Over the many years and evolution we had to change and modify
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