Chlamydia: The Silent Disease

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"Identified 1907, Chlamydia was once thought to be a virus. It was classified as a bacterium in the 1960's" (Breguet 9) by Stanislaus Von Prowazek, a Czech Scientist. This discovery of a new bacterium led many scientist to believe that this was not the only bacteria they were classifying wrong. Chlamydia trachomatis "The word Chlamydia comes from the greek chlamys, A type of cloak that drapes over the shoulder. This refers to the way the Chlamydia bacterium drapes itself around the nucleus of cells it attacks" (Breguet 23). This discovery of the the bacterium and the name is just the beginning of many years of research that has yet to come. Chlamydia is not called the "Silent Disease" for no reason. This bacterium is acknowledged as not having many symptoms "Because approximately 75% of women and 50% of men have no symptoms" (Center for Disease Control, "Some facts About Chlamydia"). When symptoms do eventuate in men and women, these are the common ones in women they are usually intensive or atypical vaginal discharge, pain or burning sensation when urinating, itching around the vaginal area, and also bleeding may occur in the vagina after sexual intercourse (Bratis 2007). In men symptoms may bring about yellow or white discharge from the penis, a stinging sensation when urinating, itching also may occur, and pain and swelling of the testicles (Bratis 2007). These were all just symptoms that Chlamydia may bring about, but it does more then that to the cells of your body.
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