Chloe Salone. Ancient Aztec Medicinal Practices . Spn201-Fall.

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Chloe Salone
Ancient Aztec Medicinal Practices

In America if someone is sick or not feeling well, they simply go to the doctors and have a prescription sent to their local pharmacy. However, in ancient Mexico when someone became ill, the Aztecs resulted to collecting natural resources and creating their own medicine to cure each other. Mexico has a rich tradition of herbal use going back many centuries (“Aztec Medicine”). Aztecs result to the use of nature due to the fact that Mexico has one of the most diverse selections of plants native to the country, as well as a variety of species both native to and introduced to Mexico from diverse parts of the globe (“Medicines”).
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The plants that do survive and make it through these harsh conditions are then faced with even more struggles. The overgrazing of livestock and now more recently, the urbanization of many different areas have causes the plants that do survive, to be torn out (Winczura). These different factors created challenges for not only the Aztecs and modern day Mexicans who are trying to harvest and utilize plants for medicinal use.
These natural herbs not only provide healing purposes to the Aztecs but also created a living for them as well. Throughout Mexico, marketplaces are important areas that provide the sale and distribution of not only medicine but other very useful sources (“Medicines”). Aztecs have used markets as a way to sell the different medicines they make and earn a profit and living for their families. Along with medicine, Aztecs also used the plants to sell different potions that were believed to heal the strongest of diseases and instill or break different magic spells that were practiced (“Aztec Medicine”). The use of natural herbs was a way of life for Aztecs. For many, different combinations were the answer to any problem that life could face them with.
Some plants served more than one cure depending on how they were utilized. Achiote Annato leaves were believed that when the seeds were ground up and placed inside a bath for soaking, anyone with measles could be cured. However if the seeds were seeped in water
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