Chlorhexidine Research Paper

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Introduction into the Use of CHG Chlorhexidine is a germ-killing, antiseptic, solution used to clean the skin.
Chlorhexidine has been used for over 60 years for multiple purposes, first being used as a disinfectant in the 1950’s to being introduced in 1988 for the first skin preparation combination launched in the United States and then finally approved by the FDA in 2005 for peri-operative preparation. In 2010 the first chlorhexidine needless connectors were introduced, as well as the first impregnated peripheral inserted central catheter was cleared as an antimicrobial catheter. Over that period it has proven its broad-spectrum efficacy and safety. It has been used in preoperative patient for prevention of nosocomial infections during
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Why would a facility want to continue on the reduction of post-operative surgical infections or central line infections? Studies so far have shown the vast improvement healthcare has come from. Povodine Iodine is not being eliminated and replaced with the CHG baths. Research will always be evolving in healthcare and it will always be important to reduce hospital acquired infections especially related to MRSA, VRE and Staph. It is very important that the use of CHG continue to be researched in order to decrease mortality rates associated with hospital acquired…show more content…
It took fifty years of research and studies to prove that the use of CHG is effective in preoperative patients. Research continues to evolve. I can only imagine what five or even ten years down the road what we will be using to prevent hospital acquired infections. In my opinion along the road of advancement, it is important to keep knowledge and skill up to date. Continuing studies always means continuing education which is a win in both patients and nurses. It will always be the nurses and healthcare providers job to keep the patients best interest. And the best interest on this topic is preventing hospital acquired infections, and the use of chlorhexidine does
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