Chlorine Is The Single Largest Contributor For Safe Drinking Water

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INTRODUCTION Chlorine is the single largest contributor to safe drinking water, in the history of public health. In 1902 the first chlorine disinfection system was installed in Belgium. By the 1920’s nearly the whole world started using the process. Due to this disinfection process many disease-causing microorganisms were abolished. According to Life Magazine (1997) “The filtration of drinking water plus the use of chlorine is probably the most significant public health advancement of the millennium” As consumers have started to have greater knowledge, they want to know what they’re drinking and how this will affect them in short-term and long-term. The main concern related to chlorination is the by-products produced. The by-products are said to be cancer causing. CHEMICAL BACKGROUND Chlorination is used in most Australian capital cities and small water supplies as it is inexpensive, easy to use and protects water within the pipe system. Treating drinking water involves two processes; the physical removal and the chemical disinfection. The traditional seven step water processes used around the globe is Coagulation, flocculation, sedimentation, filtration, disinfection, fluoridation and the storage & distribution. (Refer to figure 1) The main focus for this report is the disinfection section. During the disinfection process different chlorine products are added to the filtered water to remove harmful microorganisms. When the disinfectant is added “free

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