Chobani Making Greek Yogurt a Household Name

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From the information about Chobani in the case and at the start of the chapter. (a) Whom did HamdiUlukaya identify as the target for his first cups of Greek yogurt and (b) what was his initial "4Ps" marketing strategy?

Hamdi Ulukaya envisioned a yogurt with pure, authentic and all natural taste, just the one he used to eat in his home country, Turkey. He wasn’t satisfied at all at how yogurt tasted in the U.S and believed there was a big potential in the market for a new kind of yogurt.
His target was to successfully hit the mass market of the American consumers so in the initial stage he chose to distribute his product in the local grocery stores and also in the ordinary shelves of the supermarkets.
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Consumers acknowledge that and that leads to a special relationship being created between them and Chobani. This can be particularly seen by the handwritten note Chobani sends to each of his consumers.
Another advantage of the customer loyalty team is the effort the put to promptly reply to any consumer concerns and feedback via the social media.
The only disadvantage could be that since the customer communication has only been assigned to this team, the other entire company might be seen as being detached with the customers. This could have a negative view in the eyes of the consumers.

As Chobani seeks to build its brand. It opened a unique retail store in New York City: Chobani SoHo. Why did Chobani do this?

Handi’s company knows very well what brought them to success. It was his innovation to introduce a new kind of yogurt to the market and successfully promoting that made his company consumer’s favorite.
In order to keep his company ahead of the competition, he realized that further innovation should be a top priority. This has been full filled by opening a unique retail store in New York City called Chobani SoHo. Consumers now are part of the experience by directly contributing towards the creation of new yogurt flavors. In addition, this unique store is a very good place ,right in the heart of the metropolitan area of the city, for promoting the products but

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