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A new product can take one of several paths to reach the consumer. Distribution options depend on the product, the market, the type of retail establishment, and the manufacturer’s sales skills. Retail trade channel offers its own unique opportunities and challenges and will be determined by our target audience. As our Target consumers are adults who have been concerned with the health aspects, such as calories, fat, dental caries. There are a lot options to reach the target consumers. A list of channel distribution options for CB Company, are as follows:

- Health food stores

A health food store is a type of grocery store that primarily sells health food, organic foods, local produce, and often-nutritional supplements. Health food
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In large chain stores, assistance and product knowledge may not exhibit the same kind of quality as in smaller local stores. Exceptions do exist, and some chain stores are known for their high degree of customer service and product knowledge. Customers in specialty stores will be glad to pay the premium price for our products in exchange for the high quality, great taste, health benefits, and sense of prestige they receive. In fact, higher prices and exclusivity for some items may encourage higher sales - these kinds of customers eagerly accept the idea that higher prices equal higher health benefit, and want to buy only the best. However, the location should be in an area that will attract the clientele who are likely to buy our product. This channel gives company a more direct link with their customer set and company will receive more direct feedback.

- On-line mail order,
Selling goods in a B2C environment usually requires a website with an online shop. The web site could be a tool for strengthening company’s reputation and commitment to customers. This is a tool for creating and maintaining lasting relationships with customers and lays the basis for targeted marketing and product development.
The website offers enough space for detailed information display and improves the customer’s loyalty and support and therefore creates a competitive advantage. For end-consumer it is a
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