Chocolate Advertising (Short)

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Executive summary An example of everyday marketing activity will be described. The aspect of marketing which this activity will be identified and explained. The ethical, social and enviromental implications will then be highlighted. This is followed by comments on how the issues could be addressed.

A Personal Experience of Marketing Activity As a proud father of two girls aged eight and nine I have become more aware of the lengths companies go to, to target children and their doting parents. This can be tv adverts for the latest craze toy or the images in kids magazines. For this essay I will draw attention to the sale of chocolate. As with most children, mine have healthy appetites and a ‘sweet tooth '. As with most parents, my
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This means finding alternatives to replace their main chocolate lines. A start in this process can be seen in the museli style bars already on offer. I suggest a ban in the advertising of these products in line with the tobacco industry. In fact the government are tightening up on this area already with OFCOM introducing a ban on junk food advertising during programmes aimed at the under 16 's. New guidelines to supermarkets regarding the placement and percentage of store space allowed for display. A ban on promotional offers of any sort could be beneficial. An increase in the cost of the products also causes a slowing of sales this can be achieved by higher taxation for confectionary. If consumers altered their ppurchasing accordingly greater emphasis could be given to fair trade coca beans. With the amount of public and press interest in this subject any of the producers who forgo these steps may find themselves disadvantaged. Many of the issues raised are identfied by Peattie and Charter (1994) as forces which encourage sustainable marketing practices.

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