Chocolate Soap Feasibility Study

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This chapter is where you will be able to read the entire description of the Des chocolate soap physically, and substantially. The proponents also gave emphasis on the benefits the consumer could gain upon using the product which is the smoothness of the skin. This is also where they can see the demand and supply analysis as well as the price study of the product.
Product Description
The product is chocolate soap. It shall be named Dés as a play to the word ‘Desire’. It shall take the form of a solid bar soap. It is a soap intended for bath that contains certain ingredients extracted from the cacao fruit turned into chocolate. The weight of the soap will be 100 grams per bar excluding the packaging.
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By using stratified quota sampling in the floating of the questionnaire, the target market for the chocolate soap are females ages 18 – 35 who are from Dagupan City whether as a resident, a student or a visitor. They represent the group that has the highest number of respondents answering yes to the question ‘Would you like to try chocolate soap?’Majority of the target market are students studying in universities and colleges in the city. However, the proponents will not limit the strategies to the studentsonly. The strategies and plans for the product should come to terms with females in the classes A, B, C, and/or D economic status. This is becausethe image perception to the soap will appeal to those in the higher classes, while the affordability will appeal to the lower classes. With these conditions considered, chocolate soap should be performing well at the chosen target market.
Demand Analysis With today’s new era, there is a noticeable dynamic change found everywhere. Something is being introduced and something is fading to obsolescence. Dés chocolate soap, which falls under the category of soap industry, is indeed a part of this dynamics. One consideration the proponents see is the fact that mankind has unlimited wants. And one of the major factors that they need to consider in doing the feasibility study is the assumption of demand, referred to as the willingness and the power of the buyer to purchase the product, Dés

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