Chocolate, The Food Of The Gods

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Chocolate, It’s been described as one of life’s “sinful little pleasures.” It 's been proven that there are foods that people are passionate about, a passion that’s more than just love for food. For the true chocoholics like myself, just thinking about chocolate can evoke a pleasurable response. But could something that tastes so delicious actually be good and healthy for you? Over the years we have all heard many negative claims about chocolate, especially if you eat a lot like I do. But in fact, giving into those chocolate cravings you get may be better for you than you thought. Besides tasting good, chocolate is very beneficial to your body. Chocolate being nicknamed the “food of the gods,” has always found its way through people 's hearts. Chocolate originated in Mexico, starting first with the Mayans. Used not only as a drink, it was also used in many medicinal purposes, such as relieving fatigue, treating burns, bowel dysfunction, and cuts and skin irritations. When Herman Cortes came and took some back to Spain, it was then that chocolate started to become popular. Nowadays, Americans eat as much as nine pounds of chocolate each person, every year! Although that much chocolate is consumed every year, chocolate has always had a bad label and is one of the many foods that are often avoided. But like I pointed out previously, it is beneficial to your body not the other way around. (McShea, 2008) Chocolate has many advantageous nutritional qualities.
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