Chocolate as an Anti-depressant

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Chocolate is a confection made from cacao beans, the seeds of the cacao plant. There are a large number of products made from it on the market, from powdered cocoa for making drinks to white chocolate, and most markets carry a cross-section of confections for their customers. In reality chocolate is healthy for one.
There has been research done that society can get a well benefit from eating chocolate. Chocolate stems the antioxidant flavonoids they are called flavanols and epicatechins. Giving, the person, who is in taking the chocolate to stain good fat that comes from a cocoa beans. A cocoa bean is a seed that chocolate is made from the bean-shaped seed of the cacao tree. According to Dr. Oz chocolate is what keeps the blood flowing in one’s body. It prevents from one having a stroke, reduces blood pressure, and heart attacks. Even though it may not seem healthy for one it is helpful on the human skin. It helps to protect skin from the UV sun rise. According to Dr. Oz studies have found that adults who eat a little chocolate five times a week have lower BMIs. As if that weren't enough, chocolate has been found to dampen the levels of the stress hormone cortisol. It is a way that the body reacts to stress when the body is overwhelmed.
Although it may be good for one there are studies that chocolate is an immoral element of food available for the society. Chocolate may be good for people but it is also…
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