Chocolates El Ray

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Is Jorge Redmond's dream of making Venezuelan coca beans and chocolate world famous realistic and achievable? How? Jorge’s dream can definitely be a reality with the use of the proper tools that will differentiate him from his competitors. Jorge needs to position Chocolates El Rey in the proper market by conducting research and analyzing who his exact target market is. He needs to display the key attributes about his chocolates in order to build brand awareness and gain new customers. The chocolate industry is a huge industry which entails a large market to which Venezuela could penetrate. Venezuela has some of the best cocoa in the world, and this is exactly what consumers’ need think of when they hear the name “Chocolates El Rey”.…show more content…
The country-of-origin can also have an emotional affect or value to the brand which could definitely help build the awareness of Chocolates El Rey. Country-of-origin branding strategy can also promote the individual personality, culture, history and values of Venezuela ultimately leading to a higher brand power of Chocolates El Rey. As with any changes, there are potential risks that need to be addressed. In terms of country-of-origin as a branding strategy, consumers currently do not know a lot about Venezuela or even further more see Venezuela as a chocolate producing country. This could potentially damage the image that Chocolates El Rey wants to portray to their current and prospective consumers. Another negative impact that this branding strategy could have on Chocolates El Rey include the association between the Venezuelan economy and the Chocolates El Rey brand. The economy of this country is one that most people are unaware of, or they don’t see it as a successful nation. This could have a major impact on the way that consumers not only view the brand, but view the country as a whole. Jorge needs to focus on what makes his product different than other chocolates from around the world, and how the culture of Venezuela can provide an emotional and value rich attraction to
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