Choice vs. Disease

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Addiction: Choice vs. Disease
Danny O’Dell
Kaplan University

Professor Pappas
January 16, 2010
Johnny 's heart is beating at over a hundred and thirty beats per minute. He can 't sleep again and is sweating profusely. Johnny hears a voice saying "Don 't do it Johnny. You know how this will end." Then he hears another louder, more insistent voice saying to him, “Come on Johnny, no one will know. Just one more time and then we will stop”. Johnny is disgusted with himself as he reaches for the phone to make that call to his drug connection. How do we help someone like Johnny? Some people
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The addict does not have a choice of whether or not to crave anymore than a diabetic can choose to not have elevated glucose levels. Organ
In the documentary, A Pleasure Unwoven, Dr. McCauley explains that until over a hundred years ago doctors would usually try and treat the symptoms of a disease with poor outcomes and that most diabetics died in early childhood (2009). It was not until the famous work of Louis Pasteur and Robert Koch that doctors formulated what is known as the disease model (Lynch & Henifin, 1998). The disease model is a causal model and works as follows:




By using this model we can see that if the organ was the pancreas, the defect Islet cell death (no insulin), and the symptoms were elevated blood glucose, blurred vision, and coma, treating the symptoms would get you nowhere. If, however, doctors were to treat the defect (no insulin) by using insulin replacement therapy then the symptoms would recede and the disease would enter remission. For many years doctors did not understand how to put addiction into this model and so left the problem
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