Choices, Choices And Choices

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Choices, Choices, Choices… She was running towards me with full force and momentum. She stopped breathlessly and I saw the despaired look in her eyes like a lost and scared puppy. Kimberly was one of my closest friends in middle school. We eventually became well acquainted with each other through music class with our concerned yet joyful teacher, Mr. Aranda. As I was walking to music class, I heard a nearby voice and saw a thin figured girl running straight towards me with her Hollister tank and her Hollister shorts. She had arms and legs as tan as the color orange. It was Kimberly. “Rudra!” “I need your help!” “What’s wrong?” “My mother kicked me out of the house and I don’t want to go to Mr. Aranda’s class right now. Can you please tell him I am not here today or something?” At that moment, I didn’t know what to think or say. Should I help her or leave her be to solve her own problems? My first instinct was to say no. I didn’t want to cave in because I knew that I would be doomed for covering up the truth. However, I felt confused and unclear of myself at that time. She was one of my best friends and friends tend to support and respect one another’s opinions. “No I can’t,” I said adamantly. She insisted and begged me to help her repeatedly. I felt trapped within a small box with only one way out or so I thought during that time. I was unaware that every decision I made was to benefit the other without thinking of its effect on myself. “Okay, I’ll help you!”

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