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Choices essay Human beings are unique in the world because humans have the power to tell between right and wrong. Some believe that this is simply a special instinct while others believe that it is divine creator that gave to man what is known as conscience. In the tragedy Macbeth, William Shakespeare develops the idea that when an individual makes a choice that is against his conscience, he and the larger community will suffer the consequences of his choice. Shakespeare uses three main characters: Lady Macbeth, Macduff and Macbeth to illustrate the importance of following the human conscience. Lady Macbeth is a great example of how ignoring one’s conscience can lead to self-destruction. Upon receiving Macbeth’s letter about meeting…show more content…
Desperate, Macduff “ is gone to pray the holy (English)king upon his aid”. Not only is Macduff putting his own life in danger, but he is also leaving his wife and kids very vulnerable. Macduff, however being the patriotic man, chooses to do what is his best for his country and follow his conscience in extension. Although his wife and kids do perished under Macbeth’s reign, Macduff is ultimately awarded by the new title he earns from Malcolm when Macbeth is finally overthrown. This might not cover the loss of his family, but Shakespeare is implying that he and his family will be reunited in heaven. Macduff did in fact follow his conscience in making decisions that are hard costing even the lives of his family, but he is able to continue to lead a peaceful life and be reunited with his family once in heaven while Lady Macbeth, most likely, soul is forever tormented by the scorching flames.

Lady Macbeth isn’t the only victim of the scorching flames as Macbeth also has fail to follow his conscience. Macbeth is arguably the more evil character of the two because not only has a caused himself a tormented life but he has also caused his country so much misery. Macbeth like Macduff, starts in the play, as righteous and respectable, commander in Duncan’s army. After a crushing victory over the Norwegians, Macbeth is confronted by the three witches with a prophecy that proclaims him as “king hereafter”. Macbeth is highly tempted by this
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