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Cholera Cholera is an infectious disease cause by bacteria that affects the absorption of water in the small intestine. Sever cases cause violent diarrhoea. It is the huge amount of fluid loss, which makes cholera so dangerous. If the fluid is not replaced the body becomes dehydrated and you could die within twenty-four hours. Treatment of cholera is simple; replace the fluid lost with the right mixture of sugar and salts. Water alone is not very well absorbed. If it is a server case of the disease then admission to hospital may be suggest; they can then replace the fluids straight into the bloodstream via a drip. Cholera is caused by a bacterium called Vibrio Cholerea. The bacterium begins…show more content…
The bacteria needs a chance to multiply in water or food before it can cause risk to people with a normal quantity of stomach acid because the acid is capable of killing a certain amount. [IMAGE] This is and electron micro scope picture of the cholera pathogen. Malaria. Malaria is another infectious disease that is caused by mosquito bites. It is the female mosquito insect vector that causes the disease. The symptoms of the disease are fever, sweating, shivering, anaemia, nausea, headaches, muscle pain and an enlarged spleen. The infection targets the liver, red blood cells and the brain causing these symptoms. The female mosquito, called an anopheles, causes the infection. They bite humans to feed on the blood to provide the protein they need for there eggs. If the person they bite is infected by the plasmodium infection (this is what causes the disease) then they will take up some of the pathogen's gametes with the blood. These gametes multiply in the mosquito's gut; this is when it becomes infectious. The infectious gametes move to the mosquito's salivary gland. When the mosquito bites another person it passes on the disease by injecting the infectious gametes into the blood. When the parasite enters the blood it multiplies. The infection also keeps multiplying in the mosquito, which also passes it

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