Cholesterol Persuasive Speech

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Low cholesterol foods ought to be a part of your daily eating plan. By not adding extra cholesterol to your body, you give your arteries a break.

Our bodies produce cholesterol, which is a fatty substance known as a lipid. It is manufactured in your liver and can be over-produced by the overly fatty foods that we all-too-often eat. Keep in mind, though, that cholesterol is in reality essential for our bodies to perform as they should. However, too much cholesterol is not good and is a widespread cause of coronary attacks and can boost the danger of stroke.

That being said, what are the best five low cholesterol foods which you should be eating to sustain heart-healthy cholesterol levels?

Fruits and Veggies

It's hard to deny the heart-healthy, low fat low
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And seeds like sesame and sunflower are yummy as well. However; be careful of oils and salts normally added to the nuts and seeds! However, natural nuts and seeds are great. A great idea for adding these is to toss a handful into your soups, stews and salads. They furnish a great quality and are a great way to get your children used to consuming low cholesterol foods.

Consider Adding Fish

We look towards lean in most heart-healthy, but not when it comes to fish! Cold-water fish such as tuna, salmon and sardines are all fatty but they are great, as is most fish in general. Just be careful that any canned fish is packed in water, and not oil, and does not have a lot of added salt.

Meat is OK

Meat, contrary to popular opinion, really is not bad for you.. Low fat meat is fine. For example, did you know that lean pork without any fat is as low in cholesterol as cottage cheese? Just skip the crispy bacon (sigh).

If you're planning to enjoy some red meat, be sure to add a good-sized salad or steamed vegetables (without butter) to your meal. The healthy benefits of salads and vegetables help to negate some of the fat remaining in red
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