Choline Supplementation

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BIO127IN August 1, 2013 Choline Supplementation During pregnancy, there are so many vitamins and minerals your doctor recommends you take that it can make anyone feel overwhelmed. Luckily for people like me, they’ve made these wonderful things called pre-natal vitamins that can make anyone’s life easier by not having to track how much of what you’ve taken and when. Pre-natal vitamins give you the vitamins and minerals one needs during pregnancy in order to meet the mother’s and the fetus’ needs and can have added nutrients you may need because you may not consume enough of a certain nutrient in your diet. One of the nutrients your pre-natal vitamins can contain is choline. Choline is a nutrient your body naturally produces. But…show more content…
One reasons is that children born with the benefits of choline intake during pregnancy also have negative side effects. In Choline Baby, Prenatal Choline News and Discussions, Choline During Pregnancy May “Super-Charge” Children’s Brains for Life, the writer refers to these children as “choline kids,” and states that these choline kids have a higher thresholds for fear, meaning that it takes a lot more for a choline kid to be afraid of a situation than a non-choline kid. The writer states that this is a positive thing, however because research is now showing that the less fear a child has tends to put him or her at a higher risk for aggressive behavior, which the writer has states he or she (sex of the writer is not revealed in the article) has witnessed in his or her children. Additionally, this site refers to a study, which found that taking 800 milligrams a day during pregnancy does nothing to improve a child’s memory or language. However, the study provided the pregnant mothers with a type of choline, not the actual choline supplement and only tested the children at 10 and 12 months for language skills, general development, and long and short-term memory, so there were no additional test to test the theory or any long-term follow-ups to match the results from the study on pregnant rats previously mentioned. It must be said, that was the only website I found with something negative to say about taking
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