Choose a Medical Condition That Interests You and Research It. Write About the Possible Uses of Hypnosis in the Treatment as You See Them.

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Choose a medical condition that interests you and research it. Write about the possible uses of hypnosis in the treatment as you see them.

Breast cancer affects one in every nine women in Britain, 45,000 women every year are diagnosed with it in some form or stage of development. Life style and cognitive interventions, i.e. counselling and psychotherapy can play an important part in how the patient deals with cancer in their lives and how they recover.

Our genes regulate cell growth and cancer occurs due to abnormal changes in these genes. Genes are in each cell's nucleus and control the cells growth in relation to our genetic make up. The cells grow and replace themselves in a natural formal replacement process.

Over time,
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Some of the side effects are: Loss of appetite, Nausea and vomiting, weakness and fatigue, weight gain, premature menopause and hair loss.

Patients can suffer bouts of physical exhaustion and emotional exhaustion which if not recognized can lead to high levels of anxiety and depression.

Mastectomy (surgical breast removal) leaves the patient with feelings of tightness and discomfort made worse by the removal of lymph nodes. The arms usually swell (lymphedema) and there is the risk of infection and a great deal of fluid retention (seroma) around the site of the surgery.

The patient will have emotional trauma to face following surgery because they relate their breasts to their sexuality and femininity. All this leads to strong feelings of identity loss and lowered self-esteem / body image. A fear of rejection and re-occurrence brought about by anxiety from any ache or pain.

Some women may feel mentally prepared for cancer treatment, but most feel anxious and fearful about the treatment and how it will affect their lives and their families. Anxiety and fear of the unknown can bring about heightened levels of stress and this has been associated with less effective cancer treatment response.

The patient's friends family and workmates may also add to anxiety by adopting a different attitude towards the patient. Some
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