Choosing A Business Model For My Own Future Business

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For my formal business report, analyzing all the scenario given, I am planning to choose option B. It will give me an opportunity to make a business model for my own future business, which is opening a restaurant. Option A is also a good choice for me to work on as my academic courses are related to them and I have my future plan to work on one of the Fortune 500 companies after graduation. Since I am not sure where I will be applying for job or which company I will be working for, I choose not to do option A. The reason why I did not choose to do option C because I do not have a fixed job, I only work part time and do not earn much, so I do not have enough wealth that need to be managed at this time. The reason I am choosing option B is because in future, along with my job, I also want to open a business for me but it will be more for my father. He has always been saying since the day we came here in the United States that he wanted to open a restaurant that serve Nepali food. So, by making this business plan I want to learn some knowledge related to open a restaurant business, as I need to collect many information while preparing the report. If my business plan came out to be good, I can also use some of the information I gathered as a roadmap for the future of the business. Opening a business and making it successful is not an easy task, it will require hard work, time and capital. One should also know how to utilize that money and make a correct decision at a right
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