Choosing A Career Choices For Their Adult Life Essay

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As human beings we are raised in a society to start preparing for our future as children. Parent place us in extracurricular activities such as karate, soccer, football, music, dance, and many more activities available to children. This is an opportunity given to children to experience what they like or dislike, in order to make a career choices for their adult life. When it came to growing up as a child I enjoyed every second of it, as a kid everything that interest me or I enjoyed doing was what I wanted to be. I remember having a few dogs that I adored so much and because of that I wanted to be a Veterinarian. Now, as a kid not once did I ever think about the things I had to do to head toward that career. I didn’t know how long I had to go to college, the amount of salary for each profession, and the requirements of the job and the different job positions. I also would love to dance and wanted to be a choreographer. As we continue to grow older and understand the different circumstances, our job choice will constantly change, until you have reached a decision making point. Even then sometimes it will not stick and we will continue to change our mind.
I finally decided what it was I wanted to do as my career choice about a year ago. I want to be in the field of Sociology. What is Sociology? It is the study of human behavior. Now, I could have decided to choose Psychology but the mind of an individual does not interest me but, if I look from a standpoint of a whole group,…

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