Choosing A Child Care Provider

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Choosing a child care provider is a difficult question for many consumers. In surveying a group of 67 Spokane County parents the results mirrored many other sources for determining the key success factors for a Montessori, preschool, or child care provider. At the top of the results is the “feeling” of the place. For example, do the children seem loved and happy? Issues of safety where the next three findings, followed by four other qualities associated with high quality. Near the bottom half of the features of a center results were issues of pricing. Therefore, the key success factors for a Montessori in Spokane County are child safety, quality, and price Safety When choosing a Montessori parents are most concerned with issues associated with safety. 100% of those surveyed desired background tests and random drug testing on care givers, 15% rated these as important while a whopping 83% rated this feature as nonnegotiable in determining where to place their child. The security of a child was also extremely important to guardians, this includes the ability to control who has physical access to the children. Additionally, a well-maintained facility with a high standard for cleanliness helps protect children from accidents and preventable communicable illnesses. Quality According to the survey results the most important attribute in choosing child care is the “feeling” of the center: Do the children seem loved and happy? One survey respondent stated, “I want my child to
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