Choosing A Fit Between A Person And An Organization Is Defined By Kristof Brown, Zimmerman And Johnson

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A fit between a person and an organization is defined by Kristof-Brown, Zimmerman and Johnson (2005) as the “compatibility between people and organizations, which occurs when at least one entity provides what the other needs“. Organizations choose the employees that suit their own needs and share their values to accomplish the best possible person-organization fit. Selection, as a process of interviews, is used to identify the person with the right skills, qualifications, and personality for the selected job. Companies are interested in certain personality traits and attributes that fit their values and could help achieve their goals. Nevertheless, it depends on an organization if they prefer employees for a short period of time working…show more content…
These selection methods are focused on finding new employees rather than keeping the current ones (Bowen, Ledford, Nathan, 1991). Human resources management is a part of every organization that takes care of hiring, training and development of the skills of the employees. Their main goal is to hire valuable and skilful employees who could help the company accomplish their goals. Cynthia Fisher (1989) claims that HRM activities are used to attract effective workers, expand their potential, and keep the workers for as long as possible. HRM should be responsible for motivating and, if needed, retraining their employees to achieve higher job performance and employee determination. Human resources often use the matching model where they match the need of an individual and the organization to achieve the best person-organization fit (Daft, Kendrick, Vershinina, 2010). If the company requires a person who can work late night, they look for a person who does not mind such type of work. Additionally, HRM needs to behave according the legislation to ensure equal opportunities in employment. Discrimination of race, gender, religion, social status, and age is still a problem these days and that is why a number of laws had to be passed to reduce these practices. If breaking the law is detected, a number of penalties have to be applied, whether financial or work related. However, the field of human resources is not yet completely developed and many

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