Choosing A Juvenile Probation Officer

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My chosen career path is to become a Juvenile probation officer. Juvenile probation officers work with youths that have been placed on probation and or have been court order to attend an alternative consequence school to continue their education. Most juvenile probation officers work with youths at a particular stage of their probation process, for an example supervision or investigation. This paper will cover information on the juvenile justice system and my career choice by touching bases with my interviewee a Juvenile Probation Officer Shelvin McGill the agency he is employed with as well as its clientele, I will also speak on the job description and responsibilities, his theory-of-use, and briefly touch on why he chooses this line of work, and his educational background.

Working as a Juvenile Probation officer in the Juvenile Justice System

Before we explore the roles and responsibilities of a Juvenile Probation Officer we first must explore the juvenile justice system itself as well as to why it was set in place. In the United States, juveniles that fell into trouble with the law were automatically treated different from adults. Before the juvenile courts were established, children under the age of 7 were never really held responsible for their criminal acts. The law considered them unable to commit any criminal intent, however this could be disproved if the child knew that the act he or she was committing was a crime or that it would cause harm to another…
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