Choosing A Project At The Beginning Of This Course

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Final Reflection Paper Choosing a project to pursue at the beginning of this course was not as difficult as I expected it would be. Each and every project presented by the various organizations deserved to be chosen, but there was something that stuck out to me when I heard the Bigs in Blue presentation. This project would benefit law enforcement as well as children – both of which I personally find important in community life. Our hope in pursuing this project, later modified to Bigs with Badges to include all departments, was to match first responders with children waiting to be matched with a lifelong mentor through Big Brothers Big Sisters of Ellis County. With the negativity directed towards police officers and other first…show more content…
Jenny and the other girls at Big Brothers have given us many compliments and are very appreciative about everything we have done. Even though it wasn’t as much as we had hoped, we did more than they expected from us and are very grateful for our help. Service-learning is the act of serving using acquired knowledge and/or skills in order to better one’s community or organization. This teaching method brings together serving one’s community while also using the skills and knowledge accumulated previously. Sitting in a classroom can only teach an individual so much on a subject. Lectures tend to be tuned out and exams don’t measure knowledge or skill level, just who can memorize information better than others. In service-learning, individuals gain experience through getting their hands dirty and using those skills and concepts they learned in a classroom setting in a more real life setting. For all of these reasons, I do believe that service-learning is in fact an important teaching method. I have always thought of myself as a follower, so the concept of followership is one that I find interesting and helpful in many ways. In doing this project, I learned how to become a courageous follower. Our team assumed the responsibility bestowed on us, challenging ourselves to meet our potential in bringing value to the organization. We were not afraid to work hard, even though we knew from the beginning it was going to be difficult. The four of
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