Choosing A Quality Education Helps People Accomplish Their Dreams Through Their Experience Of School

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Ishan Grover Prof. Pastrana English 301B 23 September 2015 Studying Abroad Nowadays, having a quality education helps people accomplish their dreams through their experience of school. Study abroad is an ideal opportunity to seek adventure with the support network of an established program. It contains lots of experience, personal growth, and many other skills to be improved and sharpen their mind. According to the author of an article, “over the past 15 years, the number of Americans studying abroad has more than doubled” (Stengel). Many young students are interested in living and studying abroad. As the living standard of people is increasing, many students are pursuing their education, where they are thinking about studying in foreign countries to further their chosen career to have a successful academic. It is becoming one of the unique trends in today’s universities that offer students, many opportunities to go outside their home countries and explore their skills to learn more about the real life careers in a variety of education. Studying abroad is one of the distinctive lifetime opportunities to create new memories that will last forever, where you can share the experience with close relative, and friends. However, there are several advantages and disadvantages of studying abroad. The first advantage of studying abroad is gaining experience and self-development. While studying abroad, you gain an experience that will make you more eye-catching to companies
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