Choosing A Training Intervention Program

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Choosing an Intervention
Projects requiring a training intervention usually have to do with a performance. I used as a reference a similar intervention from Kentucky Virtual Schools’ hybrid program since I would like to analyze step by steps the procedures to obtain the expected outcomes. Training intervention is the method I choose because it complies with the procedures I want to present at SUAGM (Sistema Universitario Ana G. Méndez) to integrate technology in a bilingual setting with hybrid courses. Developing a training intervention project involves assessing the need, designing materials, developing training presentations and exercises, implementing the program and evaluating the success of the program.
I will use as a guide to implement my project, the study: “Effects of the Kentucky Virtual Schools’ hybrid program for algebra I on grade 9 student math achievement.” (Cavalluzzo , L. 2012) presented an intervention combining online instruction with face-to-face classroom teaching to increase student learning and achievement in grade 9 algebra I. I found this study very similar as the project I would like to implement. In this program, teachers engaged in ongoing professional development through online content used in face-to-face and distance settings to learn how to teach an algebra I course structured on research-based strategies in a hybrid classroom. The intervention in the Kentucky Virtual Schools offered credibility since the school provided courseware for…
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