Choosing A Training Intervention Program

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Choosing an Intervention Projects requiring a training intervention usually have to do with a performance. I used as a reference a similar intervention from Kentucky Virtual Schools’ hybrid program since I would like to analyze step by steps the procedures to obtain the expected outcomes. Training intervention is the method I choose because it complies with the procedures I want to present at SUAGM (Sistema Universitario Ana G. Méndez) to integrate technology in a bilingual setting with hybrid courses. Developing a training intervention project involves assessing the need, designing materials, developing training presentations and exercises, implementing the program and evaluating the success of the program. I will use as a guide to…show more content…
Professional development According to the intervention training in the study, change started with professional development; it was guided by instruction specialists and used an online professional development program for algebra I teachers, as well as other resources. The program was intended to improve both the algebra I content knowledge and research-based instructional practices. It begun with orientation and instruction in a hybrid format before moving to a distance format. The teachers received online training sessions with the purpose to share their successes and challenges to improve their understanding, and ability to implement recommended instruction practices. In my project, the professional development will include offering training to both instructors and bilingual adult students. I can talk with property about the sessions since I have been helping as instructional curriculum designer; participating of the evaluation and selection of the instructors, and offering courses online and in traditional setting to level staff, teachers, and students. For instance, some of the offered courses to the instructors are introduction to Blackboard 9.1; searching, evaluation, and selecting internet resources; collaboration online with Microsoft Office live workspace; instructional design, and Web 2.0 tools. Develop the training materials Social and educational demands are
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