Choosing For Risk Losing Everything You Have

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Choosing to gamble is choosing to risk losing everything you have. From the day we are born, we learn that gambling is unacceptable in our society. As we get older we tend to view gambling as a game that we should take; the risk is worth the final outcome. As a human being, we like to try and explore new things in life. We can view gambling as a life choice because no matter if you are poor or rich, we will always try to find opportunities and strive to take chances, when we can. Education can view as a life choice that we must take in order to accomplish some of our life goals.
On July 1st, 1993, a couple took their chances of bringing their baby into this world. Doctors told my parent “Your baby has less than 50% chance of living, because she is two and a half months early.” My parent took the risk of having me and hoping for me to survive. As I was a premature child with very low birth weight, it was not a surprise to many doctors and my family that my immune system was not in my favor. Yet, I fought all the health complications and become one healthy person today. Thus, without those doctors and nurses I would not be here today or have the opportunity of possibly being a doctor one day and being able to help take care of another person’s health.
Without all the health complications that I had as a child, my life could be said to be pretty similar to many children in a single parent family. As I arrived in the United States in August 2006, I began to learn a new language…
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