Choosing Organic Food : The Benefits Of Organic Food

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If you could improve your odds of living longer, would you do it? Simply avoiding certain foods can lead to an increased life span. It boils down to, do you eat any organic food? Choosing to consume organic food is one way to drastically improve your health. At first glance you may be wondering what’s the big deal, it's just food after all, and that is where you are wrong. Organic food is the way food is meant to be prepared and eaten, unfortunately due to business tactics, the food industry has gotten out of hand and most of the food available at your local grocery store contains food with dangerous ingredients. There are many benefits to eating mainly organic food some of which include; health benefits, sustainable agriculture and fair animal treatment. WORKING OUTLINE: 1.The health benefits aren’t obvious just by looking at an organic chicken vs a “regular” chicken, however if you look at the packaging you can see the immediate differences. It all starts with how the food is prepared. Chickens for example are raised very differently depending on whether they are deemed organic or not. If a chicken is not organic then it is subjected to harsh living environments. They live in tiny metal cages with no room to move, with the only goal of producing eggs and meat. While in these cramped quarters, the chickens don’t get to exercise and get stressed, they are not able to stay healthy and disease is born. And since all the chickens live side by side, disease spreads very
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