Choosing Reality

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What we as a society watch on television really depends on the choices we make. George F. Will writes in his article “Reality Television: Oxymoron” of an increasingly infantilized society, whose moral philosophy is reducible to the celebration of “choice”, where adults are decreasingly distinguishable from children in their absorption in entertainments. This is a society in which “choice” exceeds all others and competition improves things. This society is built upon choice in every aspect of life and choice determines the way of life. For what they are watching is a representation of their choice. I do agree with George Will that reality television is becoming much more violent and sexual but what it really comes down to is the viewer’s…show more content…
His analogies help to paint a picture and visualize what his argument is about. You are able to feel a good amount of poise or confidence in his writing. Will uses examples and mentions programs like Fear Factor, MTV’s Jackass, and even the NFL to relate his argument to something that we as the readers are somewhat familiar with. In Dana Steven’s article “Thinking Outside the Idiot Box” she writes, “shouldn’t grown men and women be trusted to judge their own dosages, just as they would decide on the number of drinks they can handle at the bar? And shouldn’t we choose our favorite shows because we like them, not because they force our otherwise helpless cortexes to ‘manag[e] resources’ and ‘recognize long-term patterns’?” (Stevens 234). Of course, because whether our society feels reality television will make us smarter or not, it really doesn’t make a difference. We have a freedom of choice and if reality TV is what people like to watch then who will stop them. Men and women should and do have a choice to decide what they really want to watch and this is why television has become more explicit. We as a society are deciding what is acceptable to be shown on television and TV is a reflection of what the world is really like. If no one watched this so called, “perversity programming” then the ratings would rapidly decline and it would cease to exist and yet it is still being shown like never before. Then on the other hand we as a society have a choice to
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