Choosing The Best Instruction Is Important Essay

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2.5 Vocabulary Instruction choosing the best instruction is very important Because of its vocabulary role,. In this boundary, a lot of works have been done, but The NRP’s synthesis of vocabulary research distinguish eight findings that provide a scientifically based foundation for the design of rich, multifaceted vocabulary instruction. these findings include:
• Provide direct instruction of vocabulary words for a specific text. Anderson and Nagy (1991) pointed out “there are precise words children may need to know in order to comprehend particular lessons or subject matter.”
• Repetition and multiple exposures to vocabulary items are important. Stahl (2005) cautioned against “mere repetition or drill of the word,” emphasizing that vocabulary instruction should provide students with opportunities to encounter words repeatedly and in a variety of contexts.
• Vocabulary words should be those that the learner will find useful in many contexts. Instruction of high-frequency words known and used by mature language users can add productively to an individual’s language ability (Beck, McKeown, &Kucan, 2002). Research suggests that vocabulary learning follows a developmental trajectory (Biemiller, 2001).

• Vocabulary tasks should be restructured as necessary. “Once students know what is expected of themin a vocabulary task, they often learn rapidly” (Kamil, 2004).
• Vocabulary learning is effective when it entails active engagement that goes beyond definitional knowledge. Stahl
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