Choosing The Best Portable Playard

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Introduction As a parent on the go, there is no lifesaver like the portable playard. Every one of us has experienced moments with our little ones when we need our hands free, but we also need to stay close. We need to wash dishes, change the laundry, let the dogs out, make phone calls, or complete paperwork from our home office, but we can’t put the kids down on the floor because they will be into everything in the blink of an eye. Popping my two kids in the playard was how work got done when my babies first started going mobile. Choosing the best playard with all of the options available today can be tough, and just because something is new doesn’t necessarily mean it’s better. After researching products and buying guides, I’ve got some…show more content…
-Is my child nearing 30 lbs.or age 2? -Will I reuse this playard with my other children? -Is my choice of features practical for the length of time my baby will use the playard? Materials -What materials were used to construct the playard? -Is the tubing metal or plastic? -Are the fabrics and meshes durable? -Do the included accessories look comfortable? -Do the materials appear to be sturdy enough for your child and their needs? Features -Do I want higher end features like light panels and nature sound players? -Do I just need the basic features for my child? -What features do I know will make my child most comfortable? -What are the differences and similarities between each model for each brand? -Design -Does the playard fold easily? -How does it fold up? -Can you quickly and smoothly fold the playard and store it? -Are three panel or four panel mesh sides best for your needs? -Is a rectangle shape the best design for your needs, or would a square playard be better? -Do all the accessories work well? -Are accessories easy to use and well placed? Recommended Product Reviews As promised, I have researched and reviewed five of the most popular models on the market, and I have recommendations and reservations about each of them. Hopefully my impressions of these products makes your selection and purchasing process a stress-free, happy experience. Keep in mind that these models were selected based on their popularity, customer
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