Choosing The Bicycle As A Form Of Transport

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Choosing the bicycle as a form of transport

New waves of people are considering the change from driver to cyclist for their daily commute to work or school. As a novice to cycling, commuters should research a few things before hitting the trails. People want to know a few benefits to a potential commuter before getting started. While switching to cycling one would probably wonder if biking is going be more cost effective. In what way would biking be a substantial benefit to one’s health and what if any impact will cycling have on the community or environment around them. Before a decision is made, here are a few things to think about prior to making the big change.

Biking is a very inexpensive means of transportation. Pedaling costs nothing at all and gets one to exactly the same location, maybe just a little bit slower. In the end the payoff seems well worth it with rising gas prices to at least cycle for short distances. There is a very low cost involved in purchasing cycling tools, gear and accessories. Most maintenance will be flat tires and tune ups which are very easy to learn. Maintenance can also be free through internet videos, other cyclists, and free classes in the community. All of the parts for maintenance are very easy to install and therefore all that’s needed are parts and little to no cost man power. Even the initial costs are very low in comparison to other forms of transportation. One can save money on: insurance, gas, motor oil, car payments, and
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