Choosing Two Non Developmental Theories

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Select two non-developmental theories (or nursing conceptual models applicable to family nursing) that help you understand an aspect of family functioning that you have noted in your work with your select family. For each of the two theories, describe its core concepts, then discuss why it explains the healthy (or not so healthy) functioning of your family. Support with examples.
Based on the theories and models I reviewed the first non-developmental theories that have helped assist me in understanding my family is the Structural- Functional Theory. According to Friedman, Bowden, and Jones (2003), the Structural- Functional framework is built on the basis that family represents a social system and therefore you must examine a families interactions within their societal construct (p.70). Identifying how a family interacts with one another and how their relationships with healthcare providers, schools, family, members of society, and other organizations, which can help a nurse determine what areas may need strengthening. According to Friedman et al., (2003) “this approach characterizes the family as open to outside influences, yet at the same time, is concerned with maintaining its boundaries”(p.70). Thus, allowing adaptability among the family units as an individual institution in their society. The theories primary assumptions include a family as a social system that has functional requirements and that function similarly to most small groups, as families are social
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