Choosing Veganism Diet

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Most college students don’t, but the ones that do usually end up switching to, the sometimes controversial, vegan diet. If students were made to be vegan for a month it would expose them to alternative ways of living and educate them about the harm these animal products do to our bodies and our planet. Exploring veganism will open your eyes to the cruel world behind mass produced animal products and how we as a society are the perpetrators behind it. The main reason veganism would benefit college students and all people in general, would be the abundance of health benefits you will gain from not digesting the chemically altered foods. The hormones that are injected into the animals are hard for our bodies to process and break down; therefore, cause unwanted health risks such as high cholesterol, diabetes, and even certain types of cancer. When eating a more plant based diet your reducing your likelihood of getting one of these diseases. In fact, many people currently suffering from some of these ailments actually benefit from starting a vegan diet, even after the disease has set in. While most people worry they won’t receive the necessary nutrients, there are numerous ways and resources for us to make sure we are getting all the supplements we want and need. A vegan diet paired with regular exercise will surely have you feeling on top of…
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