Choosing Your Future After High School

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Baylee Baker Ms. Davis English 4/Period 4 December 10, 2015 Senior Papers Deciding what to do with your future after high school, is one of the biggest decision to make in life. There is always time to decide what path to take, but make sure it is for you before investing too much time. When thinking about my future, I think about where I want to be and where I see myself. The careers I have researched are not exactly what I want to do after high school, but they are ones I wanted to learn about. The three occupations I chose to research are: high school teachers, school counselors and marriage and family therapist’s. Having thought about these careers and learned about them more, I see them differently than I did before. Before I start talking about each job, let me explain the turn of events that brought me to who I am today. I was born February 10th, 1998 into a unique family structure. My mom, grandmother and four siblings welcomed me with loving arms. As I grew older I quickly realized I looked different from my siblings physically. This isn’t a big deal for me, but explaining that each of my siblings has a different father and mine happens to be Mexican-American is always met with confusion or explanation. I love how diverse and extraordinary my siblings are and how we each share unique qualities too. As my siblings have started their own families, I have realized just how much stability and love I want to provide for my nieces, nephews, and my own family. I know
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