Choosing a Career Path

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Never once was there a doubt in my mind that I wasn’t going to college. But the question as to what career path do I want to pursue was always the hard part. When declaring my major, I had no idea that Michigan State had so many different options. My original major was pre-law, and then it was general management, now I’m leaning towards construction management. I watched “A Family That Preys” by Tyler Perry, and one of the characters was a construction manager. Like a child, watching this movie persuaded my decision to go into this field. I didn’t declare this as my first major because I was uneducated on the field, so I went with a major that I knew about. I am only in my second semester of college and I have changed my major twice. My…show more content…
Women Construction Owners and Executives USA (WCOE) exists to create opportunities for and support women-owned construction companies. The U.S Small Business Administration (SBA) provides resources to help start and grow small women-owned businesses. SBA offers a variety of loan programs, educational centers assisting in growing small business and SBA’s Women-Owned Federal Contracting Program provides a level playing field on which women-owned small businesses can compete for federal contracting opportunities. “The Women-Owned Small Business (WOSB) Federal Contract program authorizes contracting officers to set aside certain federal contracts for eligible women-owned businesses” (Women-Owned Small Businesses). Sundra Ryce is the president and CEO of SLR Contracting and Service Company Inc. (SLR) and Sundra Ryce, Inc. (SRI). She established SLR to provide quality work and (exemplary) customer service in the construction industry. SLR is a growing general construction company specializing in commercial construction, construction management, and design-build and safety and risk management services. She has expanded her company to many geographical regions. Sundra Ryce, Inc., is a leadership development company where she shares her business wisdom and her strategies on how she became successful internationally. After the 9/11 tragedy, the company’s sales dropped 67%, but in 2003, SLR Contracting and
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