Choosing a Career in Sociology Essay

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Do you know what sociology is about? By definition sociology is the study of society, social institutions, and social relationships. (Merriam-Webster Dictionary. Definition of Sociology. Sociology is not based on philosophical assumptions, but instead based on experimentation and measurement. Sociology is a field that you should be highly specialized in only one area. We see sociology everyday wherever we go we interact with society. Basically typical sociologist is a very curios person; curiosity is the main tool of a good sociologist. Usually sociologists work in offices, laboratories or libraries. What will you study in sociology classes? If you choose career in sociology you will…show more content…
In order to be competitive on the market he must show himself from the best side, show to employer that he deserves this position. On the resume a person should write his experience, achievements and results that he gained in past. If company or employer hires him he will be introduced to his new co-workers. He should be nice, friendly and easy going person. He must be punctual, help his colleges as much as he can and learn the internal environment of this company. Whether you feel comfortable on this place or not, you will be able to understand in couple months, sometimes even weeks. Earnings depend on the amount of experience and degree of education. With a bachelor’s degree, for government the starting pay is probably $22,000/year, but if the person has a lot of experience he might earn from $33,000-40,000/year. Sociologist who teach in colleges, schools, universities earn $30,000 as an assistant professor and 75,000$ for a full professor. In my opinion careers in sociology are very interesting. Especially for me, being a foreigner, knowing how different societies behave, change, react and pro-act can tell you a lot about their cultural and spiritual life. Being able to research and analyze people`s behavior is a great advantage in nowadays economy. Every business can achieve more by studying sociology: marketing business – you can sell more, by knowing whom to sell and how to sell; education – knowing how to behave with students, can give teacher
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