Choosing a College

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They have a few steps on choosing the right one for them. Not every person goes through the same steps because they don’t need them like they do for example scholarships or essays. For example applying to the Military academies would be different then the other colleges because they have different questions asked and information needed. The first step for everyone would be the application process. They have a few items for everyone to do before they have been declared done and in review mode by the college. The first item for them to do would be deciding and researching majors they like. For example their school should give their students a list of websites that can work with deciding majors or scholarships Once they decide their major they need to start looking at schools that have what they like. Once they see the list of the colleges they need to make a list of the ones they like and do even more research on those colleges. Research can include how much the school costs, scholarships they have to offer, distance, and percent of graduates from their school. The major military colleges are on the east coast and they have nominations like scholarships. They should make a list of what they want in a college like a 4-year or 2-year college because this will help narrow down their list. These choices they like will make the search a lot easier because then they will be…
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