Choosing a Secondary Storage

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Introduction Nowadays, data is the lifeblood for today’s digital organization. The integrity, availability and the protection of the date are vital to a business productivity and successfulness, therefore storage solutions are still the priority in IT budgets. G&J Consultation Sdn Bhd currently is facing a storage problem. Their storage system performance’s bottlenecks having a serious impact on their business productivity. The sluggish primary storage performance and maintenance issue were slowing down the company’s response to customer request which affecting the overall business productivity. Besides, their backup solution was becoming difficult to effectively protect date within ever shrinking back up window. Thus G&J Consultation …show more content…
Knowing this can help you save in cost. A business normally will look for a better file access speed.
G&J Consultation might need a fast performance storage since they are providing consultant services to customers which the date stored might be use frequently and need to response to customers very quickly. Transfer speed over the network is the primary indicator of a NAS because it uses file-level protocol when uploading or downloading large files. NAS can provide performance benefits. For example, NAS can take over the work of serving the email data, freeing resources on the email server for email-specific processes.

Scalability is important in terms of both computing power and storage capacity. The performance and capacity should scale independently of one another. Scalability is important because the ability of the storage would need to be expanded in future in order to cope with increased use.
NAS is a suitable storage which suggested for G&J Consultation Sdn Bhd because it is easy to set up and easy to use, even a non IT based staff can manage the NAS.

Reliability of storage also is one of the factors which is very important and need to be concerned. Reliability is important because the loss of data and downtime can lead to loss in revenue and threaten the survival of the business. In today’s world, most of the people demand a highly reliability, shared storage device that is accessible to multiple network
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