Choosing the Right Application of Multiple Intelligence Theory

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Throughout the last fifty years, educators have debated what methods of teaching are most effective. These methods include many extremes, from the more traditional method of teaching, in which teachers lecture, students listen, and are expected to learn, to experiential education, which usually requires students to take a hands on approach to every lesson. Both of these extreme methods have too specific of an approach. A combination of learning styles, or multiple intelligences, is required to teach successfully. The introduction of the multiple intelligence theory has positively benefitted teaching by encouraging educators to stimulate each student’s learning strength everyday; regardless of the traditional teaching methods more…show more content…
The second interpretation Gardner believes is effective involves educators encouraging children to strengthen all of their intelligences. A school in Turkey bases its educational program on this interpretation of the Multiple Intelligence Theory. Students from grades K-3 attend the Esentepe School, which focuses on both enhancing and maintaining every child’s strongest Multiple Intelligence, and developing every child’s weaker ones. This has helped educators create well-rounded students, who turn out to be learners who take in information more effectively then students taught in a limited learning style such as lecture or experiential style. (Saban, 2002, p. 72).
The New City School, in Missouri also teaches with the goal of developing all seven multiple intelligences as much as possible, in every student. They believe that the better-rounded student body and more well-rounded individuals are a direct result of their MI theory application (Lockwood, 1993, p 10). The “Teachers are using all seven of the intelligences in designing instruction...” (Hoerr, 1992, p 2) which makes every lesson taught more thoroughly covered. This adaptation of thorough lessons results in a higher average of students learning the same material in the same period, in all different styles.
The application of MI theory that involves

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