Choral Speaking Script - Friendship (2013)

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Together, together, together everyone Together, together, come on lets have some fun Together, were there for each other every time Together, together come on lets do this right We're all in this together Once we know That we are We're all stars And we see that We're all in this together And it shows When we stand Hand in hand Make our dreams come true Friendship, friendship what is friendship? “Friends in a ship?” “NO!” “Friends…” Would laugh her lungs off when you slipped would shed your tears off when you tripped she would do whatever you asked—day and night and she is a friend, with all might Friendship, friendship friends in a ship together we sail shatters in the way—is no avail Friends will…show more content…
'cause you believed I'm everything I am “Because you are my friend.” “So, that is a friend?” “Yes!” “So, what does she do?” “Seriously?!” “Now let me tell you…” We sign our cards and letters BFF You've got a million ways to make me laugh You're looking out for me, you've got my back So good to have you around “Eww that is so cheesy!” “Shh!” “Let me finish it…” You know the secrets I could never tell And when I'm quiet you break through my shell Don't feel the need to do a rebel yell 'Cause you keep my feet on the ground You don't get angry when I change the plans Somehow you never have a second chance, and Won't say "I told you" when I'm wrong again I'm so lucky that I've found A true friend You're here till the end You pull me aside when something ain't right Talk with me now and into the night 'Til it's alright again True friends will go to the ends of the earth Till they find the things you need Friends hang on through the ups and the downs Cause they've got someone to believe in “Now stop!” “Ahh…” “Let’s continue.” “On what?” “On why do we need a friend…” Because you smile Because you understand just by looking into my eyes Because you finish my sentences and know what I like Because you know me better that I do Because with you I’m not afraid to be myself Because I can say something stupid and you’ll still be there Because our memories will be at the top of the shelf Because it will be there, never would go away It's so easy

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