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I never got the chance to ask my family any of these questions, but I did run across my roommate’s mother these questions. Hearing from a different family perspective had me actually figure out and really think about what gender ideology their family was without having bias against my own family. So looking in to a different family way of life through chores got me to see how other families today practice their housework. When asking the first question of who does the chores in the house and what chores I received an answer that I figured to be true based on my own family. The mother does the indoor chores like the laundry, the cooking, grocery shopping and tidying up the house while kids do the chores that they are told too. The father works on the outdoor chores like taking care of the animals, which are, cattle, chickens, and dogs. He…show more content…
It fell into place from the ways they were raised by their parents so it came naturally when who was doing what chores. This is probably what will happen one day if I decide to settle down and have a heterosexual marriage. Just going from my own family practices I do not know much about outdoor chores besides having to pick up sticks from the back yard or rake the leaves. My father never taught me much outdoor household work and I wonder if its because he had an assumption that who ever I marry would be doing those chores. So to pick what ideology their family follows I would have to say that their family follows a more egalitarian ideology. They are a partnership where they believe in equal sharing of the housework and both partners have jobs where at the end of the day they can still come home and help raise their children. This ideology is also one I would like to bring into my future partnership where we can work together as equals and live a happy life
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