Chosen Theme : The Body As Experience

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Chosen Theme: The Body as Experience
Experience reminds us that we not only have a body, but also we are a body – the vehicle for awakening to the world. In this case study, we will give an analysis of how the body and mind work together to experience while relating to the different practice that embodies this understanding.
Key Point 1: We experience through our body senses and we gain experience because our body senses.

Our body’s sense organs feed the mind with information that allows us to be aware of our surroundings and through the awareness, we experience. When we experience, we are embodying the information. As we embody the information, we gain experience. It is an innate process that occurs between the body and the mind. We feed our body with our experiences.

Key Point 2: The body thinks. The mind dances.
Experience can only exist in both the body and the mind. We can only experience with both the body and mind. It is almost impossible for the body and the mind to work as two separate entities as they are constantly interpreting and understanding one another, especially in Dance. The body itself is the mind, as the mind is the body, where they experience the dance together as a whole.

Research and Case Studies
1. “There is no other way to know the body than to live it in the whole, as a subject and object, as the one who is perceived and who perceives.” (Mahdalickova, 2009, p. 1)

As Mahdalickova points out, to have complete knowledge and…
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