Chosen Theme : The Body As Experience

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Chosen Theme: The Body as Experience
Experience reminds us that we not only have a body, but also we are a body – the vehicle for awakening to the world. In this case study, we will give an analysis of how the body and mind work together to experience while relating to the different practice that embodies this understanding.
Key Point 1: We experience through our body senses and we gain experience because our body senses.

Our body’s sense organs feed the mind with information that allows us to be aware of our surroundings and through the awareness, we experience. When we experience, we are embodying the information. As we embody the information, we gain experience. It is an innate process that occurs between the body
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Both the body and the mind work together to gain and draw on experience. In addition to the body having the propensity to be conscious of its environment and itself through its ability to sense, the ability to perceive is the more significant factor that influences the body’s experience.

We receive information through our senses – the stimulation of the sensory receptors and sensory nerves. However, our response and relationship to the information that we are sensing is the act of perceiving – how we accept, reject, adapt, filter and use the information. As Cohen (2008) notes, “We all have sense organs which are similar, but our perceptions are totally unique.” Perception is about relating and reacting to what we are sensing – to ourselves, others and the environment. What we perceive may be influenced by our previous experiences and therefore, we draw on those experiences and we anticipate. As Brodie and Lobel (2012) describes it, “The focus of our perception is on the individual experience; how we feel in contrast with how others perceive us or how we think we are perceived.”

2. “The body is not something I possess to dance with. I do not order my body to bend here and and whirl there. I do not think “move”, then do move. No! I am the dance; its thinking is its doing and its doing is its thinking. I am the bending and I am the
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