Chracteristics of Effective School Principals

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Characteristics of Effective School Principals Lokman Mohd Tahir; Hamdan Said Faculty of Education Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, Skudai, 81310, Johore. Hamidon A. Rahman Institut Aminuddin Baki, 69000, Sri Layang, Genting Highlands Abstract Researchers in the area of principalship have concluded that schools are effectively good as their principals. Despite some influential work of the effective schools research, Malaysians school principals are urged by the our former Directors General of Education, Datuk Abdul Rafie Mahat to lead the schools with effective leadership to ensure that the bearing and tone of the schools are implemented successfully aligned with students’ needs, national priorities and vision. Being as the most powerful and…show more content…
1998; Haberman 1999). However, to date, past research provided very little data about the characteristics, skills, knowledge and dispositions, motivations that characterize on what the ideal attributes of the effective principals. Amer and Khuan (2004) pointed that majority of empirical studies that were conducted in Malaysia does not list detail description and comprehensive understanding the attributes of effective school principals. The objectives of this study were to identify the characteristics of effective school principals specifically in Johore and to ascertain the characteristics and leadership style that enhance teachers, commitment towards the schools. With the wide array of research about the effective characteristics of school principals, various models have been introduced and tested to identify the most significant applicable effective characteristics for our multicultural ethics-based schools. This study was introduced as part of a study to determine, describe and identify the attributes of effective characteristics of school principals through the perspectives and responses of the school principals and their teachers. The nature of this study is to determine and to describe the key components of effective competencies and attributes that should be possessed by the school principals through the eyes of the principals and teachers. Specifically, the research questions were addressed: a. What are the ideal characteristics that school

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