Chris Cristie is a Hot-head of Vision

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Chris Christie- A hot-head of vision Synopsis: In-the-spotlight representative of Republican Party, Chris Christie carries the unfathomable hopes from the Party as a prominent nominee for 2016 American Presidential election. Renowned for his bipartisan ideology and straightforwardness in tackling politically sensitive issues, which is in frequent public consideration as one-of-a-kind bullying turbulence, the visionary governor of New Jersey obviously stands out compared to an amiable Obama, able to cultivate an image of a hands-on, can-do, highly dependable leader. Nevertheless, despite his charisma on stage, the blunt nature of his comments seems to offend his supporters as well as his opponents, triggering a whiff of “who will rid me of this radical priest”. The lane closure for election campaign causing gridlocked traffic on George Washington Bridge, which is doubted to be stipulated by Christie, though denied, is adding fuel to the fire of opposition against the governor. Personal Opinion: A capable governor transforming the devastated aftermath of the hard-hit post-disaster New Jersey back to former vibrancy, now a promising nominee for 2016 American Presidential Election with earsplitting comments on governmental failure, Chris Christie, in my opinion, deserves to be in the limelight in 2013 and the beginning of 2014. In spite of reading just a few articles about the man of the year, I managed to form a relatively suitable view of Christie’s way of thinking, thought

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